Frequent Furnace Repairs? No Hot Water?

By enrolling in the Enercare Advantage™ program, homeowners can lease new equipment
without hassle from our trusted partner Enercare. The Advantage™ program allows you to have
a new, high-efficiency system installed in your home for a low monthly fee and no upfront costs,
including repair and emergency service.

Sign up today and get 3 months free

Why Choose Enercare Advantage™

Design & Install

● Industry-leading products.
● NEW energy-efficient equipment to offset your carbon footprint
● Quality installations done right the first time

Service & Maintenance

● HVAC maintenance to keep your equipment safe and efficient
● Performed by fully licensed and insured technicians
● Priority service through our 24/7/365 call center

Financial Flexibility

● Utility rebates on eligible equipment
Invest in other home improvement projects
● No-cost transfer on sale of a property.

The Added Advantage

Homeowners who are facing increased utility costs and other home maintenance costs may not be able to afford the best equipment on the market. With the Enercare Advantage™ program, as a homeowner, you can upgrade your existing mechanical equipment with energy-efficient technology for $0 upfront at an affordable monthly rate. With ongoing repair and maintenance included, you’ll never need to worry about emergencies again.

When it comes to purchasing new equipment, there is more to consider than just the price. If your equipment fails overnight or during the holidays, you may have to pay double or even triple the normal repair costs.


● Receive a prepaid credit card of up to $500 for a new water heater and a $300 prepaid credit card for new HVAC equipment leased under the Enercare Advantage Program.
● Upgrade your Water Heater or HVAC equipment. Receive 3 Months Free when you sign up for the Enercare Advantage program today.

Preventive Maintenance

With the Enercare Advantage™ Program, Maintenance on Your HVAC Is Included
Regular maintenance is crucial to prevent costly breakdowns. Maintenance of your home’s
primary mechanical systems will help keep your equipment operating efficiently while
maintaining your comfort.

Inspect & Maintain

● Find operational issues before they become system failures
● Extend the life of your system

Comfort & Peace of Mind

● Ensures your system is delivering heating, cooling and hot water evenly
● Help your equipment burn less fuel, saving you money while saving the environment
● Reduce the risk of unnecessary break-downs

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